SIBIOS-ISSB Membership information

SIBIOS membership comprises three categories of members

- Regular full members / membres actifs cotisants

- Student members / membres actifs "Jeunes chercheurs"

- Honorary members / membres honoraires [Honorary members are exempted from subscription]

SIBIOS membership payment shows three situations

- Regular membership including the Journal Subterranean Biology [50 Euros]

- Regular membership without the Journal Subterranean Biology [30 Euros]

- Student (or particular situation) membership including the Journal Subterranean Biology [30 Euros]

In addition, the Society recommends to consider the income situation of members living in low economy countries, with a possibility of a fee at 30 euros for members in low income and non employed, by official request to the Secretary.

Payment of the fees in Euros can be made either

- by direct payment through the bank, including bank fees paid by the sender, and informing the Treasurer at the same time

- by International post order to the Treasurer's address

- during the International Symposium organised by the Society

Subscription Fees

You are invited to get in touch with the SIBIOS-ISSB Treasurer:

Payment must be sent directly to the SIBIOS Treasurer: Jos Notenboom
Jos Notenboom: Sibios-ISSB Treasurer
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Postbox 303 NL-3720 AH BILTHOVEN
The Netherlands

Payments sent to the CNRS Laboratory at Moulis (France) will be refused !

Written by Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
© SIBIOS, 2010