Société Internationale de Biospéologie
International Society for Subterranean Biology

an International Society for the study of subterranean organisms and ecosystems

From Cave Life...

Proteus anguineus, after Ginet & Decu, 1977

[diagramme After Gibert, Danielopol & Standford, 1994] Subterranean Ecosystem Evolution
After Stoch, 2002 modified

Callipus foetidissimus a cave-dwelling callipodid millipede.
Photo JJ Geoffroy

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Cave catfish. Photo José Sabino

Interstitial creatures. After Danielopol, 1994

Subterranean Biology - Cave life and Cave habitats

- RESEARCH on cave and subterranean biology
- EDUCATION in cave and subterranean biology
- CONSERVATION of cave and subterranean habitats and their biodiversity

Written by Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
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