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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION TO Role of biodiversity in processes at groundwater / surface water interface

Dear Colleagues,
We organize at Lyon 3 days of scientific discussion and exchanges (26-28 January 2011) about ecological processes at the surface water / groundwater interface and in shallow subterranean habitat (see our page dedicated to Janine Gibert. You are all welcome for a presentation or a poster.
Pierre Marmonier

Subterranean Biology
A scientific journal devoted to the study of cave biology and subterranean ecosystems, published by the
Société Internationale de Biospéologie - International Society for Subterranean Biology
Directed by Marina Cobolli (Editor-in-Chief) and the Sibios Editorial Board, ISSN 1768-1448

Volume 1 [Tome 56] - 2003 [published in December 2003] -
Volume 2 [Tome 57] - 2004 [published in November 2004] -
Volume 3 [Tome 58] - 2005 published
Volume 4 [Tome 59] - 2006 published
Volume 5 [Tome 60] - 2007 published
Volume 6 [Tome 61] - 2008 published

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Annoncement for a position at Firenze !

Dear colleagues,
We would like also to inform you that as a special gift to the Institute for the Study of Ecosystems, ISE-CNR Florence Laboratory has been published by the CNR the call 364.95,
dead line 08/03/2010 for a permanent position for a groundwater ecologist in the Florence UNit of the ISE.
Please feel free to pass this information to any young scientist willing to spent her/his future working years in Florence.

Dr Giuseppe Messana
Institute for the Study of Ecosystems, ISE-CNR
Florence Laboratory
V. Madonnna del Piano, 10
50019, Sesto
Firenze - Italy
Tel. +390555225985 Fax +390555225920 Mob. +39335541594

significativi avanzamenti nel settore della ecologia delle biocenosi acquatiche sotterranee, con particolare riguardo alla dinamica delle popolazioni animali ed agli adattamenti ecofisiologici per la conquista ed il mantenimento dell'habitat. Esperienza nell'analisi delle comunità stigobie e nell'uso di pacchetti statistici per le analisi di dati ambientali.

Acquired proven capability, to autonomously determine significant progress in the field of the ecology of subterranean aquatic biocoenoses. Particular attention to animal population dynamics and eco-physiological adaptations to the colonisation and maintaining of habitat. Experience in the analysis of stygobitic communities and in the utilization of statistics for the analysis of environmental data.
Key words acque sotterranee, Ecologia, comunità animali, adattamenti Groundwater, Ecology, Animal communities, Adaptations

Annoncements from the SIBIOS-ISSB

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NSS news

From Megan Porter
NSS Biology Section Meeting

Megan Porter mlp65@EMAIL.BYU.EDU
Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University
775 Widtsoe Bldg., Provo, UT 84602-5253
phone: (801) 422-9375
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News from books

The Museum of Verona published a book on research in China [Chinese caves and Cave Fauna]
Information can be obtained from Leonardo Latella


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